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Cast : Bernard Giraudeau, Valerie Kaprisky, Caroline Cellier
Diector : Christopher Frank ,
GLOBALVIDEOMUSIC.COM - Chris, a sexy teenager who appears mostly bare-breasted on the French Riviera, has a crush on Romain, her mother's lover. In reaction to her inability to attract his attention, she experiments with other risque affairs.
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Kaprisky & Jelly Fish
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Not very consistent.
*** This review may contain spoilers ***
Released in North America on NTSC VHS videotape......No DVD Release....
Chris is eighteen and summering with her 38 year-old Mom in the south of France. Also spending the summer at the resort is Romain. Two years earlier Chris met and fell in love with Romain. He used her and broke her heart. Now she is a cynical manipulator, with a lesbian lover at school and a middle-aged male friend of her parents, Vic.The story of how Chris comes to terms with her love for Romain is told through the eyes of several people, including an unseen narrator, and flashbacks.There are ...
This is a story about lost love
This is only a passable thriller I guess, but I found it interesting for several reasons. First, it is surprisingly trashy and unpretentious for a French movie. While the Italians and the Spanish have made tons of movies like this, the French have always seemed more hesitant to make flat-out genre or exploitation movies without a lot of high-art pretensions. This film is a trashy "lethal Lolita"-type flick along the lines of "Pretty Poison" or "The Crush" (or Italian equivalents like "Peccat...
Pretty alright
..and you will have a good idea of this film. I haven't seen it in years, might have been on Bravo before they went edited and commercial... Anyway, the plot summary doesn't do this film justice. This is an excellent trashy movie about a good little bad girl who does a lot of naked damage for no real reason other than some mommy issues. Truly textbook psych101 stuff but still fun to watch.
A must see for Kaprisky fans
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Think All About Eve via The Bad Seed..
Valerie Kaprisky plays "Chris" the 18-year-old daughter of "Claude" (Caroline Cellier, who won a 1985 French Cesar for best supporting actress in the film). The two are summer vacationing at an upscale beach resort in the south of France (while dad works in Paris). Nearby lives longtime family friend, "Vic" (Jacques Perrin). It's all quite beautiful, but we quickly learn everything is not well in this hedonistic enclave of affluence. Through a flashback sequence, it's learned that two years ear...
Not for everyone: one could almost dismiss it as a soft sexploitation movie from the eighties. But no.This is about an obsessive little girl who is turning into a woman. The characters around her are here to reflect the wicked light she is shining, and emphasize facets of her personality, as she is wrecking havoc around her.It is all then about the sexual desires of women and men. How they cheat. Whom they love. What it is that they want. What they would do to get it. Only one character is "not...
Games of Life and Love
Chris (Valerie Kaprisky) and her mother Claude (Caroline Cellier) are spending their vacation at a beach resort in the Côte d'Azur. Chris is an 18 year old teenager that is searching for her place in the world ? she is sensitive, amoral, egocentric, erratic? and to get what she wants she doesn't mind trampling on other people. There's a hidden rivalry between Chris and her mother, Claude. Chris watches Claude and her relationships with a mixed feeling of jealousy and indignation, but the funny...
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